2015 Speaker Series

This interview series ran as a 3 day online event in July of 2015 with 4 speakers per day.  The intention was to bring together a variety of voices to share stories and perspectives on how one integrates from spiritual emergency. 

What some of our listeners had to say:

 “Thank you for putting together this amazing summit. It was truly life-changing for me. I listened to every interview and squeezed this special event into the hours that I could be with it. I am deeply impacted and am excited that this conversation will continue in october. This is incredible, vital, cutting edge, courageous work. This will make history!!! “


“I finally feel validated in my experiences and know I now have the language, concepts, information and resources to more forward in a direction that can bring healing into my journey. This weekend has motivated & inspired me and is helping me get out of a 4+ year depression/trauma/despair. It was a completely unexpected surprise and VERY welcome. My perception & direction have been completely reorganized and now makes sense in a way it never has before. A big weight has been lifted from me and I am finally feeling lightness and relief. Thank you! for the peace of mind!!”


“For so long I thought I was the only one, having to hide and repress. Its nice to be able to share with others. Thanks so much for putting all of this together. It has been very helpful in my healing process.”

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Day 1

Phil Borges

“CRAZYWISE: Rethinking Madness”

The CRAZYWISE team invites you to join their community!


Emma Bragdon

“A Brazilian View into Spiritual Emergency”

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Dabney Alix

“Answering the Call: Psycho-Spiritual Crisis As the Initiation
Onto The Path Of the Healer”

Sean Blackwell

“How Kundalini Imbalances Can Lead to Bipolar Disorder”

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Day 2

Tav Sparks

“Spiritual Emergency and the Holotropic Perspective”

Stay in touch: holotropic.com

Catherine G. Lucas

“Moving Successfully Through Spiritual Emergency: Practical Tools & Steps”

Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.

“One Spirit Medicine:  Ancient Ways to Ultimate Wellness”

Paris Williams, Ph.D.

“Psychosis and Spiritual Emergency: Exploring the Journey of Self Transformation, from Onset to Resolution”

Guidebook: “Working with Spiritual Emergency,” (scroll down to see the download button.  Plus a free download of the entire first section of the book, Rethinking Madness.

Day 3

Kimberley Jones

“Falling Apart or Falling Awake?”

Katie Mottram

“Mending the Gap Between Spiritual Experience and Psychiatry:
How the Bridge is Forming”

***So much has changed since this interview one year ago! For an updated look at how the bridge is forming, please go to:  www.spiritualemergencenetwork.org

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Ted Esser

“The Spiritual Emergence Network & Integrating Kundalini
Awakenings in Dream States”

***So much has changed since this interview one year ago! For current events, please go to: https://groffoundation.org/ and http://spiritualemergence.info/

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Victoria Maxwell

“Meaning Out of Madness: Holding Both Spiritual Emergence
and Mental Illness”


Dr. Teray Garchitorena Kunishi

“Honoring the Vessel: How to Balance the Body and Mind as You Awaken”

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Roundtable Q&A with select speakers

Emma Bragdon, Victoria Maxwell, Katie Mottram, Catharine Lucas, Sean Blackwell, Phil Borges and Kimberley Jones take questions from our live audience.