Have you been feeling isolated in your transformational crisis experience?

Transformational Crisis can be referred to by many names:  Initiatory Crisis, Kundalini Crisis, Spiritual Emergence(y), or voluntary and involuntary non ordinary states of consciousness


Community Heals. Join our monthly virtual event.




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About Story Share

Are you searching for a community to share your story with?   

Experiences of non-ordinary states of consciousness are normal and becoming more common every day

  • Connect with a global community that validates and normalizes your unique experience
  • Practice telling your story, receive feedback, and gain confidence
  • Hear stories of those with lived experience


What to expect

• Call in through your phone or computer with local dial up access by country.
•  During the call you will be placed into a breakout group of 4 and will have the opportunity to share you story and listen to others.
• All that’s required is your authentic self. If you choose to reveal your identity or not, that’s up to you.
• There will be additional dates that will cater to European and Australian time zones.
•  Event is approximately 75 minutes.



Sharing Your Story

We are here to give you a container where you can practice telling your story to fellow peers with lived experience. We are not here to teach you how to tell your story, although we can offer some guidance. Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself.

How has your experience enriched your life?
What positive aspects came from your experience?
How has your experience transformed you in a positive way?
What was cathartic / healing about your experience?

When you participate you have agreed to the following

You must be 18 years or over to participate.
You agree to show up not only to share but to listen with compassion and non-judgement.

Please do not offer guidance or advice during the event. Rather frame your share as “this is what worked for me”.  Also please refrain from offering your services or directing people to your website. After the event you can visit the Shades of Awakening Facebook Group for a “share your offerings” thread.

If you’ve recently been in crisis, we recommend that you wait two to three months before you attend this group event. We tend to be very sensitive after a recent event and there may be too much stimulation.  This event is not meant to be a processing group. It is a space to practice sharing your story, actively listen to others, and to connect with others who have lived experience.  

If you feel triggered at any time while you are in the breakout group, you can raise your hand and get placed in a private group.

There are no refunds, but if you were to have any technical issues, you simply need to email us and we will send you call in information for the next event.



Community Heals. Join our monthly virtual event.


Become a Patron, Support all of Shades programming by joining Patreon at $10 or more a month and gain access to Shades Story Share every  month.




For more information contact: SofAwakening@gmail.com



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