Past Life “Spill Over” and Psychic Overload

I’d like to attempt to explain a powerful experience I had the other day which is utterly inexplicable.

If you’ve ever tried to openly share the details of your extreme spiritual experiences, then you’re familiar with how this goes.  You feel compelled to share, but you know that no one other than you can truly understand what you experienced.  Still, you try anyways.

The other day I was laying on a massage table receiving some energy work for a pain in my neck that I sometimes have.

While laying there with the practitioners hands gently holding the back of my neck, we brought our awareness to this place in my body with a lot of curiosity and love.

As the session progressed and things started moving, I was flooded with images of being strangled, strangling others and other horrific acts of violence. Oddly enough, it was all quite medieval.

I’ve never experienced anything like these traumas in my life and yet these memories came flooding back into my system as if they were happening in that very moment.

Having a lot of practice with other-worldly experiences like this, I remained focused, simply watching the sensations rise and fall in my body, and watching the energy unravel as the onslaught of visual imagery continued.

I stayed with my breath.

This experience reminded me of a long held belief I have which is that a good portion those who experience “psychosis” or spiritual emergency are reacting to an overwhelming surge of psychic/emotional/energetic material from past-lives flooding into their consciousness which they are unable to filter.

For me, it’s as if there is energetic coupling to other times and places.  This capacity for multi-dimensional “spill over”, if you will, is what taught me to walk with intention, skill and purpose in spirit realms.

It also means that I have had to cultivate the capacity to maintain a strong seat of awareness and even stronger energetic boundaries.

When I had my big spiritual crisis that landed me in a psych hospital over 13 years ago, I was not so wise or well versed.  I went traipsing through unseen realms, astral & shamanic planes (or whatever you wish to call them) without any knowledge or skill in how to journey, what I was inviting in, where I was or how to ground and disconnect from those psychic spaces.

Ultimately, consciousness is a powerful and even dangerous tool to work with.  

I can now see now that what tipped me off center was both the sheer volume of psychic material I was being bombarded with coupled with a total lack of a foundation in my ability to be a grounded witness.

In other words, when we grow our capacity to just be consciously aware of what is bubbling up within us, it’s possible to respond rather than react.

It’s no mistake that most spiritual traditions encompass some type of contemplative or meditative practice.   These practices build our internal muscles of awareness so that when large waves of psychic or emotional energy pass through, we can hopefully sit peacefully and watch them wash over us, rather than being swept up and tumbled in the white water.

So, what do you do when you’re experiencing psychic overload?

For me, I try to sit still.  I ground.  I get present.  I do my best to watch it pass.  I affirm that I am Dabney in the here and now, I am not my past or my past trauma, and I drive a firm stake in the ground for the grounded, aware being that I am in this moment.

Like everything, it becomes easier with practice.

Here’s to your awareness practice, whatever it may be.

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