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A curated look at some of the projects and offerings from our Shades Forum members and the broader Spiritual Emergence(y) and Transformational Crisis community.


Issue no 2.


Excerpt:  Swimming with Elephants:  My Unexpected Journey from Physician to Healer by Sarah Bamford Seidelmann M.D. Chapter 18  Family Healing


Issue no. 1 

In this issue
Peer Support:  Emma BragdonPhD writes about her experiences with Peer Support and it’s future in At The Core of Good Therapy
Self Care: Co-Director Jordana Jyoti Goldstein asks us not to overlook the importance of simple healing tools in her article on Earthing
Project: Katie Mottram project #Emerging proud and interview series
Article: Michael Hoffman Your Hero’s Journey
Podcast: Chris Cole launches his Waking Up Bipolar podcast
Book Review: Lori, The Disintegration of my Ordinary Reality by Lori Morrison Novoa
SOA Collaboration: Making friends and finding collaborators in the Shades Facebook Forum. Teresa McLaren and Karen Adler Shades of Awakening is a community platform providing a safe container to ask questions and have conversations about the topics that matter to us. Blessings.



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