Stories and Perspectives on the Intersection of Spirituality and Madness and the many diverse paths to Integrating from non-ordinary states of consciousness.

Hear inspiring personal stories from leaders with lived experience.

Connect with a community of people who understand and validate your experience

Learn about alternative sanctuaries, programs and initiatives working to bring a more humanistic approaches to the those experiencing non-ordinary states of reality.

Our Amazing Guests:

Gogo Ekhaya Esima

Will Hall

Monica Cassani

Michael Guy Thompson

David Lukoff, Ph.D

Michael Cornwall, Ph.D

Beatrice Birch

Dabney Alix


Deep Healing, Without Medication

From Sick to Gifted: Healing Through Sangoma Shamanic Initiation

Food Sensitivities and The Psyche

Therapeutic Communities: Then and Now

The Call of the Wounded Healer

Responding To People In Extreme States With Loving Receptivity

Psychosis and Shamanism

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