About Shades of Awakening

The aim of this site is to engage both professionals as well as those with “lived experience” who are interested in re-writing the current mental health narrative. Our mission is to create a space to explore compassionate and culturally appropriate contexts for extreme mental, emotional and spiritual states that provide support and healing to those seeking integration, community and validation.

We see tremendous potential to create greater awareness through an online infrastructure to serve those navigating their crisis whether it happened this year or 20 years ago or continues into the present.

Here you will find opportunities to connect, learn and share as well as to hear about some current initiatives and projects happening around the world to strengthen the network of those passionate about these topics.


Shades News: Community Voices

 Monthly Magazine Style Newsletter

A curated look at some of the projects and offerings from our Shades Forum members and the broader Spiritual Emergence(y) and Transformational Crisis community. 


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Shades Online Forum on Facebook

 Today, Shades provides an active forum on Facebook that has been described as a safe haven, a quiet within the storm, a space of inspiration, and a community for all shades of awakening. If you are not a current member please join us here. Shades welcomes everyone, whether you are in emergence, emergency, dark night of the soul, in the closet, integration, service, and/or leadership, you have a place here. wherever you are on your path.



Shades of Awakening grew out of an online Summit in 2015 when founder, Dabney Alix, brought together 11 experts to discuss healthy responses to non ordinary states of consciousness. Liza Simone and Jordana Jyoti Goldstein are guiding Shades into it’s next phase as co-directors with Dabney as spiritual advisor and inspiration.


Transformational Crisis can be referred to by many names:  Initiatory Crisis, Kundalini Crisis, Spiritual Emergence(y), voluntary and involuntary non ordinary states of consciousness

Spiritual Emergency also known as spiritual crisis: This term was coined by Stan & Christina Grof to describe a set of extreme mental, emotional or spiritual states of consciousness that can provide a rich opportunity for transformation and growth. 



For more information contact: SofAwakening@gmail.com



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